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John Masters Organics Bearberry Oily Skin Balancing Face Wash 118ml

SKU: HG010172 - Barcode: 669558600225
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Facial cleansing for oily skin.
This cleanser specifically formulated for oily skins uses 20 antifungal extracts and citrus oils to create a powerful astringent that helps combat excessive sebum production. The willow bark extract from the Swiss Alps helps to narrow the pores, and alpha-acidic acids exfoliate the dead cells leaving the skin smooth, fresh and clean.
It helps to reduce sebum production
Removes skin impurities and make-up
Makes the skin more compact
Main ingredients
Urinaline Extract - It helps to reduce sebum production
Willow bark extract - antiseptic, astringent and anti-inflammatory
Sapindus mukorossi - natural surfactant that cleans while eliminating bacterial growth
Alpha-hydroxy acids - accelerate the natural process of eliminating dead cells and replacing them with new cells; Normalizes the skin
For oily or mixed skin
To use as a stain-free face cleanser
Great to release clogged pores.
Way of use
Apply on wet face, Massage on the skin, Once finished rinse well.
To apply on her face a cream of day cream or serum to tonify

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